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Wireless Video And Audio Systems

We carry a variety of professional wireless transmitter/receiver systems such as the "Video Investigator".

Video Investigator Body Video Kit
Gen IV Video Investigator
Body Video Kit
Button Micro Miniature Camera and Microphone

· Wireless 4-Channel Video/Audio Surveillance System
· Digital Video/Audio Recorder
· Color LCD Flat Panel TFT Active Matrix Display
· Three Mode Operation; Portable Rechargeable Battery, Cigarette Lighter DC Jack, AC Wall Outlet
· Wireless Range Up To 1500 Feet (line of sight)
· Wireless Body Video/Audio Included
· Compatible With CCTV Cameras, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Night Vision Cameras
· Rugged Construction

The Video Investigator is designed for covert surveillance use by law enforcement and security organizations. Four Channel digital wireless technology provides high quality monitoring of suspect activity. The Video Investigator enables video and audio surveillance for a variety of covert applications. High quality video images are produced by utilizing low light level camera technology. The audio sensor is an ultra sensitive microphone that suppresses unwanted background noise and enhances voice information. To support court evidence requirements, the Video Investigator is equipped with a date/time overlay that is recorded with the surveillance video.
Insure that your organization is equipped and prepared to capture necessary courtroom information. At competitive prices, the Video Investigator adds the necessary dimension to your organization's capabilities to stay on the edge of technology.
· Controlled Substance Interdiction
· Covert Motel Surveillance
· Covert Vehicle Surveillance
· Covert House Surveillance
· Remote "Wireless" Monitoring/Recording
Standard Equipment
· Pinhole Lens
· Ultra Sensitive Microphone
· High Sensitivity Digital Camera
· Monitor/Recorder (Digital8, Color LCD Flat Panel TFT Active Matrix 7.0” Display)
· Four-Channel Wireless Video/Audio Transmitter/Receiver Set (Up to 1500 feet range)
· Body Video/Audio Kit
· Wireless Pinhole Camera with Audio
· Weatherproof Carrying Case
· Operator manual

The Body Video Kit is designed for covert body wear and includes a CMOS micro camera, a miniature microphone with a high gain amplifier, a transmitter and omni dipole antenna, and a rechargeable battery pack and charger. All cable connectors are quick-connect type. This kit can be used with our "Video Investigator" that contains everything necessary to receive, monitor and record the transmission.

Transmitter/Receiver Devices

We can supply systems with frequencies ranging from 500Mhz to 2.4 GHz and power levels up to 1 watt. However, the FCC regulates the frequency and power level that can be sold to particular customers and agencies. Some systems are FCC certified (pre-licensed by the FCC for general use). Please call for information (972.423.6008) or email us at aspect@airmail.net .


4 Channel
Video/Audio Transmitter
4 Channel
8 Channel
8 Channel
Wireless Camera with IR Illuminators
Outdoor Wireless Camera
4 Channel Video/Audio
Receiver with 7 inch Display

We carry a variety of stand alone transmitter and receiver models that can be used with any of the video cameras and microphones we carry. We also carry a variety of wireless camera models with and without audio. Please call us at (972.423.6008) or email us at aspect@airmail.net so that we can assist you in defining the right model to meet your particular application.

Key Features

  • Versatile for covert operations
  • Surface mount components for dependable operation
  • Hardened anodized metal housing (some models)
  • Phased lock-loop technology for exact frequency lock
  • 12VDC operation
  • Rechargeable power packs are available
  • Can be packaged in a variety of covert designs
  • Can be used in "body video" applications


A variety of covert antennas are available. The "gain" of the antenna is an important factor of the transmitting range that the system is capable of achieving. We carry high gain Yagi and planar directional antennas that maximize the range of the wireless system. Various antenna mounts are available including magnetic mounts. We can also provide the proper cable or connector adapter for the particular antenna. Please call for information (972.423.6008) or email us at aspect@airmail.net .
2.4 GHz RF High Gain Directional Antenna 10dB N Female Conn

2.4Ghz High Gain Outdoor YAGI Antenna 11.5dB N Female Conn
2.4 Ghz RF Hi-Gain Directional Antenna 18dB
N Female Conn
2.4 Ghz RF Hi-Gain Directional Antenna 14dB N Female Conn
2.4Ghz High Gain Outdoor Directional Antenna 8.5dB SMA Female Conn
2.4Ghz SMA RF Antenna 5dB Omni-Directional SMA Male Conn

Micro Miniature Cameras


Can be paired with wireless transmitters and hidden in a variety of items for covert surveillance applications.

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Call AT&E at 972.423.6008 or e-mail us at aspect@airmail.net for additional information.

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