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Products that help protect Americas Infrastructure

Thermal Imaging (cores, hand held, vehicle mounted, weaponsights, long range surveillance, marine)
Image Intensified Night Vision (goggles, pocketscopes, weaponsights)
Weapon Laser And Visible Lights (Red Dot , IR Aiming Laser, Visible Lights)
Infrared Illuminators (bait car IR, hog hunting IR, socket type, wide area, long range)
Infrared Cameras (IR, license plate capture)
Low Light Cameras (day/night, dome, long range, pan/tilt)
Covert Cameras (pinhole, miniature, covert)
Custom Surveillance Systems
Wireless Video and Audio Systems
We repair Cooled and Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras (NightSight 200, 300D, 2000B, Radiance HS, FLIR Ball, Thermal Eye, Others)
Mobile Thermal Sentinel Thermal Viper
Thermal Sentinel
Port Surveillance
Perimeter Surveillance

Thermal Sentinel
Mobile Applications

on Bearcat (Armor Plated Humvee)
Thermal Viper System
Fixed Mount and Mobile Applications
Thermal Sentinel Driver Enhancement Vision (TS-DEV)
Shock Resitant for Mining & Milling Applications
Panthera Mobile-Marine
Thermal Imaging System
Thermal Imaging/Day Camera
Perimeter Surveillance
R-Series ThermoSight Scorpion Thermal Weapon Sight
No Longer Available
TuskIR384 Thermal Weapon Sight
H-Series Camera
Thermal Eye X200-X320 Thermal Eye X640 H-Series Hand Held Camera
Thermal Eye NightSights For Feral Hog Hunters (Refurbished) ATE/DVTI
Thermal/Day PT Camera
Cameras and Lenses (Infrared, IP, Dome, Wireless, PT Cameras)
Radiance HS
Thermal Eye TSC4500 Thermal Camera Repairs Thermal Camera Lenses
ATE/IR07 IR Illuminator Thermal Camera Applications HD Thermal Imaging
NanoCore 1024
Intensified (I2) Night Vision
Covert Cameras ATE Video Investigator 4 Channel Wireless Kit
  Laser Weapon Sights
Thermal Imaging Cores

 See the unseen! Aspect Technology’s Thermal Imaging cameras make use of proven Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detectors with state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and dynamic range imaging technology. Rated as the Best-In-Class Image Quality due to Advanced Histogram-Based Image Processing producing 640 x 480 quality thermal imaging video output. The Thermal Sentinel System is designed for rough and demanding operation. It delivers high performance digitally processed imagery in a lightweight rugged weather and corrosion protective enclosure, guaranteeing the best target detection and clearest image of objects in total darkness and in all types of weather conditions. Whether the application is military, security, surveillance, oil spill detection, mining or search and rescue, Thermal Sentinel offers a distinct advantage that no other type camera can provide. Its metal housing offers reliable weather protection and corrosion resistance and its bright LCD display offers 307,200 pixel resolution. 

Aspect Technology & Equipment, Inc (AT&E) manufactures, sells and distributes special purpose electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment for military, law enforcement and other security and surveillance related markets within the United States and abroad. AT&E draws from an overall business base that has been developed over 22 years with military and law enforcement organizations. AT&E is included in SAM [System for Award Management (Previously CCR & ORCA)] list of approved suppliers of equipment for governmental use.

AT&E continues its resolve to provide the highest quality devices and technical support that can be obtained in the electronic monitoring and surveillance market sectors. This resolve is reflected in our company objective.

“to advance law enforcement and other security and surveillance related activities
with modern electronic technology”.

Our company objective emphasizes our focus on electronic equipment that processes and converts light, heat and sound into usable visible, audible and tangible information.
We appreciate your interest in our products. You can be assured that we will do our utmost to understand your requirements and propose the item that best meets your application. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

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