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Export of night vision and thermal imaging products requires a valid export license and is regulated by the U.S. Department of State in accordance with guidelines of “International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)” per Title22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130


Thermal imaging systems "see" the heat generated by objects including humans and animals. Unlike image intensified systems such as night vision scopes that amplify low levels of visible light such as star light, thermal imaging systems sense thermal energy emitted by objects. This technology allows these systems to "see" in zero light since they "see" heat (infrared energy) rather than light.

Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights

Scorpion (No Longer Available)

The Multi-Purpose Thermal-Eye™ Scorpion combines the ergonomic features of a handheld and the convenience of weapon mounting. Based on the proven 320 x 240 Thermal-Eye™ 4500 Amorphous Silicon microbolometer core, the Scorpion is an ideal product for force protection, border patrol officers, police SWAT and special operations forces. The Scorpion is designed with an incorporated, lever action Picatinny Rail mount and includes a 1/4-20 thread mount for tripod operations. The Scorpion has been proven in live-fire, full-auto, M4/M-16 platforms and suitable for most weapon systems equipped with a Picatinny rail. Light weight and ruggedly designed, the Scorpion has withstood extensive drop and environmental testing to include immersion tests to 3 meters.
The 12-degree field-of-view offers exceptional mid-range detection and is designed to be one of the most versatile thermal weapons sights in the marketplace today.
• Scorpion
• Four 123 Lithium Batteries
• Neck Lanyard
• Lens Cover
• Lens Cleaning Kit
• Soft Carrying Case
• Computer Interface Cable
• Standard Picatinny Rail Mount
• Open Eyecup Assembly
• Quick Reference Guide
• Operator Manual

• Picatinny Rail Riser
• 1.5” See-Through Picatinny Rail Riser
• AC Power Adapter
• Laser Pointer (835nm infrared and visiible)

Lens Cover
Injected molded urethane to withstand the rugged wear and tear of everyday usage
Shuttered Eyecup
Ruggedized for covert operations
Weapon Base Mount
Attaches to standard 1913 rail system
Computer Interface Cable
Supplies Power and features BNC and USB connections
Various Reticule Options
Scorpion Mounted on Weapon

• Digital 2x/4x Zoom
• Rapid start-up in 4 seconds
• 5 selectable reticles
• Digital boresight capability
• Image capture feature stores 200 pictures with USB download interface
• More than 6 hours operation with four CR123 lithium batteries
• Amorphous Silicon detector with 320 x 240 resolution
• Includes protective shield to reduce eyepiece exposure from sand and dust
• Video Output (NTSC)

Scorpion Brochure

Scorpion Manual



• High Performance Multi-Purpose
..Thermal Weapon Sight for Professionals

• Designed for feral hog hunters

Proven VoX Microbolometer 25μm Detector Technology
384 x 288 Pixel Resolution Enhanced Thermal System
60mm Lens Provides ~3X Optical Magnification
Plus 2x, 4x Digital Zoom Provides 6X, 12X Combined Magnification
640 x 480 Video Output and OLED Display with > 2" Eye Relief
More than 1,100m Detection Range & >350m Recognition Range
Multiple Reticles and Options
Rugged Alloy, Shock-Rated for Most Common MIL/LE Platforms
Built for Use on Real Rifle Calibers - 7.62, .300 WinMag, .338 LaPua, etc
More than 7Hrs Continuous Power with Rechargeable LiOn
Includes CR123A Battery Pack for >2 Hour Backup Field Power
Optional 14 Hour Extended Rechargeable LiOn Battery Pack
Onboard Picture Capture with Built-In Storage for 200 Images

Includes Video Cables, PC-Connect Cables, Battery Charger and More
Quick-Detach Mounting System for MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rails
Silent Shutter Mode for Zero-Noise Non-Uniformity Correction
Video Output Enables Remote Viewing, Recording or Training

• TUSKIR384 Thermal Weapon Sight
• Lens Cap, Long Eyecup and Short Eye Guard
• Soft Carry Case with Carry Strap
• 4 Rechargeable Batteries (2 Sets)
• CR123A Backup Battery Pack
• Battery Charger
• Lens Cleaning Cloth
• Video and Computer Interface (USB) Cables
• Standard Picatinny Rail Mount
• Quick Reference Guide
• Operator Manual
• Pocket/Compact Digital Video Recorder
• Tripod Adapter Rail
• Spare Batteries
• Spare Battery Charger
•14 Hour Extended Rechargeable Battery Pack
• Spare Video Cable
• Vehicle DC (9-30VDC) Power Adapter Module
• AC (110/220VAC) Power Adapter
• Hard Storage Case


R-Series ThermoSight

The ThermoSight® R-Series X" series is compact and easy-to-use. The ThermoSight R-Series delivers rock-solid thermal imaging in zero light. This system is the ideal system because it detects heat energy, instead of visible light. Day or night, the body heat of animals will stand out against cooler backgrounds when seen through the R-Series scope.


The R-Series offers up to six different detection palettes, including FLIR's exclusive InstAlert, which displays the hottest temperatures in red so you can detect animals, people and other warm objects more easily. The R-Series is built to perform under extreme conditions. An internal shock reduction system (SRS-M) is qualified for a MSR semi-automatic platform, up to .30 Cal. Plus, the R-Series' water resistant casing can be submerged in up to three feet of water. The R-Series is offered with a two-year warranty. This system combines outstanding image quality with an easy-to-use design. The scope optimizes images automatically using FLIR's own advanced image correction technology. And large, glove-friendly buttons combined with a simple menu interface, give you access to every key setting in three clicks, or less.


R-Series ThermoSight Brochure  R-Series ThermoSight User Manual (not available)

Hand Held Thermal Imaging Models

Thermal Eye X200xp, X320, X640 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Eye X200xp Thermal Eye X320 Thermal Eye X640

Thermal Eye in Action

2X Optioinal Lens Thermal Eye With Optional 2X Lens

The "X" series hand held thermal imaging cameras are the smallest available on the market. Their size does not compromise image quality. From the Thermal Eye X200xp with its sophisticated digitally processed 160 x 120 resoluion display to the 640 x 480 high resolution array of the Thermal Eye X640, the "X" series hand held thermal imagers offer the best in class imagery and best value in hand held thermal imaging cameras. The US military has deployed the "X" series for use in various wartime efforts.

Thermal Eye X200xp
The Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry’s leading imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price.

• 30Hz 30μm detector offers fast turn-on time and real-time video image
• 50% greater stand-off range than X100 predecessor to detect human activity from up to 450 meters away
• Sophisticated image processing for best-in-class image quality
• Rugged design with integral rubber eye cup can survive accidental drops and underwater submersion to 9 feet
• Pocket-sized, weighing only 13 ounces
• Operates on 2 AA lithium or alkaline batteries

• Greater scene detail with improved clarity, sharpness and overall image quality
• Improved vision in challenging field conditions like dust, smoke and complete darkness with no blooming from lights
• Fully dimmable display minimizes night blindness
• Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and covert operation in the field and on the run

Thermal Eye X320

Sophisticated image processing provides greater scene detail and improved clarity and sharpness with VGA 320x240 resolution and 17 micron pitch Focal Plane Array. Video port available for simultaneous recording – Cable provided. Covert operation capable with fully dimmable micro display and built-in shroud. Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and agile operation in the field and on the run. Customizable camera features such as temperature measurement with provided GUI interface software

• 30Hz detector offers fast turn-on time and real-time video image
Available in either 30Hz or 9Hz
Detects human activity 800 yards away
2x, 3x, or 4x zoom
White hot, black hot and 3 color modes display
Rugged design with integral rubber eye cup can survive accidental drops
Submersion to 9 feet
Pocket-sized, weighing only 13 ounces
Uses only two (2) user-replaceable AA lithium or alkaline batteries
Up to 6 hours run time with 2 AA lithium batteries
• On screen battery level indicator
• On screen temperature at cross point indicator

Thermal Eye X640
Ruggedized Ultra Compact Thermal Imager with 640 x 480 resolution and advanced features!

• 30 Hz frame rate
• Detect human activity up to 1100 yards away
• 2x, 3x or 4x zoom
• White hot, black hot and 3 color modes
• Temperature measurement & cross hair enabled via supplied software CD
• Survives accidental drops and submersion
• Pocket-sized, weighing only 13 ounces (381 grams)
• Up to 5 hours runtime with two user-replaceable AA lithium batteries*
• Rugged design with integral rubber eye cup - 3-Year Warranty
• Tripod mount (1/4 - 20 thread)

• Simple one-button operation
• Greater scene detail with VGA 640 x 480 resolution
• Video port for simultaneous recording
• Covert operation with fully dimmable micro display
• Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and agile operation in the field and on the run
• Customize camera features with provided user interface software


H-Series Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR’s H-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras let law
enforcement officers see clearly in total darkness, giving
them the undeniable tactical advantages they need to stay safe and operate effectively at night. With true night vision finally available to every agency, officers will have the information they need to make quick decisions, enhancing mission effectiveness, maximizing operational capabilities, and improving officer safety.

• See suspects in total darkness. H-Series provides a 320 × 240 resolution VOx microbolometer for half the cost of comparable cameras, giving officers excellent, high-fidelity thermal imagery that provides the detail necessary for cutting edge performance and improved detection and recognition ranges in total darkness, as well as through smoke, dust, and light fog.
• See better through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions. Because H-Series cameras see heat, not light, they’re not fooled by suspects wearing dark clothes and hiding in bushes. Crooks can’t hide their heat, so they can’t hide from the H-Series.
• See more – and see farther – than with other night vision technologies. Because H-Series thermal cameras see clearly without any light whatsoever, they can see farther at night than technologies that need ambient light to work and they can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find.
• Deploy with the latest technology at their fingertips. With a variety of lens options, on-board image and video capture capability, and optional wireless transmission all built in to the camera, H-Series is the most potent imaging package available today. And now it’s affordable enough for almost every agency.

Field of View: 24° × 18° or 12° × 9° (with optional 2X Extender)
Field of View: 7° × 5°


Patrol model
Includes: H-Series Handheld Thermal Camera (with choice of lens), Hot
Shoe Charging & Video Output Attachment, 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries, AC Power Adapter/Charger, Car Adapter/Charger, Neck Lanyard, Manual, USB Cable, Video Output Cable

Command Model
Includes: Everything in Patrol Model, plus Tactical Carrying Pouch, image save function ( JPEG; 320 × 240 resolution on SD card), video save function (320 × 240 MPEG-4 on SD card) with real-time stamp, USB2 port enabled

H-Series Manual (not available)


ATE/Thermal Hawk Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera (No Longer Available)

Thermal Hawk

• Microbolometer Infrared Technology
• Reliable Solid State Construction
• Ambient Temperature Operation
• Rugged Weather Protective Case
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Electronics
• Small and Light Weight
• Simple One Button Point-and-View Operation
• Stealth, Quiet Operation

• Up to 1600 ft human detection range

The Thermal Hawk thermal imaging scope is designed for rough and demanding operation.  It delivers high performance DSP imagery in a lightweight rugged stealth-black weather protective case.  The Thermal Hawk features completely quiet one-button point-and-view operation.  Its commercially available, high capacity lithium rechargeable battery provides long-term operation (~12 hours).  The shoulder strap holds the Thermal Hawk close to the user’s body when not being used and allows for chase engagements without the scope hitting against the user.

• Thermal camera with lens and lens cover
• 12 hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery (cell phone type)
•  Battery charger
• Lens cloth

• Video cable (for external monitor)
• Shoulder strap
• Durable carrying case
• Operator manual

Thermal Viper Brochure


Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

Thermal Eye TSC Series

TSCss & TSCxp TSC4500

The Thermal-Eye Thermal Security Camera (TSC) is a plug-and-play, long-range security surveillance camera that senses heat. It requires no lighting or infrared illumination and allows for cost-efficient monitoring of large land or water areas, even in inclement weather. Available in standard performance (TSCss) and extended performance (TSCxp) formats. The extended performance models provide enhanced imaging processing for maximized picture quality. Also available is the high resolution (320 x 240) TSC4500 (see below). For outside use, the Thermal Eye TSC series can be installed in a proper enclosure (such as provided by Pelco or Phillips). We can provide the special window for this type installation (call or email us for details). Various horizontal field of view models are available ranging from 50 degrees to 12 degrees. Models that operate on 24VAC and/or 9 to 30VDC are available.

• Uses proven Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detector technology
• Equipped with a serial data port for camera diagnostics
• Detects human activity at a variety of ranges: long range (2100 feet), medium range (1000 feet) or short range (300 feet)

• Rugged, dependable and ideal for long-range security surveillance applications
• Reduces the number of cameras required to secure a large area, decreasing overall costs and equipment required
• Designed to fit into standard enclosures and integrate with existing CCTV architecture

• Works well with intelligent software
• High performance and low maintenance with no expensive lighting or illuminators to install and maintain
• Sees easily through shadows, glare and challenging weather

• Long-range perimeter surveillance, i.e. harbors, waterfronts and airfields
• Medium-range facility surveillance, i.e. power plants and public utility facilities
• Wide-angle security surveillance, i.e. entrances, gates and equipment storage
• Day and night detection of people, cars, boats and more

The TSC4500
(Thermal Security Camera) is a long-range security surveillance camera that requires no lighting or IR illumination.  Rugged, weather proof and tested to an IP67 rating, this camera is equipped with an Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer core that provides 320 X 240 resolution.  The field of view options are 50°, 25° or 12° that supports a detection range of up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m).


• Uses proven Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detector technology and provides 320 x 240 resolution and 30Hz frame rate
• Weatherized to IP66 rating
• Select optics provide detection of human activity at up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m)
• Equipped with a serial data port for camera diagnostics
• Fully RoHS-compliant for improved exportability and available with 9Hz frame rate

• Available in NTSC and PAL formats
• Sun/Solar shield kit and Fischer full function I/O cable (for access to RS-232 digital control) are optional accessories


• No lighting or infrared illumination required to view image
• Full visibility when smoke, fog or haze is present
• Rugged, dependable and ideal for long-range security surveillance
• Compatible with intelligent software

Manual (not available)



With Thermal Imaging Camera and Color Camera
Thermal Image Scene
Color Camera 1X Image
Color Camera 36X Optical & 12X Digital Zoom Image

GeminEye Vertical Text Image

The demand for high performance day/night surveillance is pressing for smaller, smarter, less expensive products.  At the same time, the environments in which imaging products must function are increasingly hostile.  Responding to this demand, the ATE/GeminEye TM modular imaging system was developed.  The ATE/GeminEye not only embraces high performance in a small package, it is designed to be configurable for different applications. Based on the new QPT-LT dual side-mount positioner, it can be configured with single or multiple camera blocks, for day, night or day/night capability. As a system, the ATE/GeminEye is completely upgradeable with new camera blocks by the user in the field.  No other competing product on the market can match the performance and quality of the ATE/GeminEye.


• Compact/Light Weight
• Quick-change Multi-Configurable Camera Module Blocks
......DSP Low Light Color Zoom Camera with Image Stabilization
......High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera with Digital Zoom
......Long Range IR Illuminator

• IP/LAN Network Controllable or Dedicated (Unicom-LT) Controller
• Full Two-Way Communication
• Single Universal Protocol Unaffected by Camera Changes
• Mil-Std-810F, IP66 Nitrogen Pressurized Enclosures
• Marine Environment Resistant
• 10-30VDC Operation
• Continuous 360 Degree Panning
• Variable Speed Tilt and Panning
• Mobile and Invertible
• No Exposed Wiring
• Various Mounting Kits Available

• Rugged, dependable and ideal for long-range security surveillance applications
• Reduces the number of cameras required to secure a large area, decreasing overall costs and equipment required

• 320 x 240 thermal imaging resolution provides users better image clarity and sharpness
• Provides continuous 360 degree panning for full perimeter surveillance in darkness and adverse weather
• Plug-and-play configurations as an IP camera or with existing LAN systems
• Compatible with intelligent software

• Available in NTSC and PAL formats

• High-resolution thermal imaging camera core with 11x digital zoom
• Uncooled Microbolometer detector technology with 320 x 240 pixel array
• Lens options include 12 deg, 25 deg, and 50 deg horizontal field of view
• Fully compliant with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
• The 4500AS is utilized in fire, security, military,   public safety and other applications

Sony's new FCB-EX1000 camera offers excellent picture quality and extremely high zoom capability. The FCB-EX1000 color block camera combines a new exceptionally high 36X zoom lens with an expansively wide/telephoto horizontal field of view. The FCB-EX1000 camera incorporates a ¼ type EXview HAD™ CCD for high sensitivity in extreme low light environments. For optimized sensitivity in both day and night-time shooting applications, the FCB-EX1000 camera incorporates an Auto ICR function and excels in all security and surveillance applications.

CCD Camera Only
Thermal Imaging Camera Only
CCD and Thermal Imaging Camera
CCD Camera and IR Illuminator

Configuration Options

CCD Camera Only


CCD and IR Illuminator


CCD and Thermal Imaging Camera


Thermal Imaging Camera Only

Magnetic Mount
Magnetic Mount
Provides portable installation for NightSight 200, 4000B, 4000M, 5000xp, Thermal Sentinel, Thermal Viper, ATE/GeminEye (in black or white)
Manual (not available)



BlackPanthera IR
White Panthera IR
Panthera IR With Controls
Panthera Magnetic Mount
Car Breakin
Search & Rescue
Parking Lot Patrol
Neighborhood Patrol

Thermal  Imaging

The ATE PANTHERA IR is a low cost, high resolution vehicle mounted or boat mounted thermal imaging system that allows the user to see in total darkness. The ATE PANTHERA IR utilizes a 320 x 240 resolution thermal imaging detector core and is available in black or white. It can easily see man sized targets over 1500 feet in distance. Larger targets such as vehicles and boats can be detected at much longer distances. The thermal imaging detector core uses long-wave infrared sensor technology (8 to 14 microns) that can easily see through smoke, fog, rain and many other obscurants that are not easily penetrated with other technologies. It offers full 360° rotation and 135° tilt viewing range. Models include a hard wired toggle control version or a wireless version with hand-held or dash mounted remote controls. The RF wireless remote control can be programmed to a unique frequency for use with multiple ATE PANTHERA IR systems. The ATE PANTHERA IR is easily mounted using an innovative mounting plate with under-locking interface, a simple two step mounting process. An Optional Magnetic Mount is available that makes the ATE PANTHERA IR portable from location to location. The pan/tilt enclosure uses high torque motors with encased metal gears for trouble free operation. The ATE PANTHERA IR is enclosed in a weatherproof housing that is UV Ray and saltwater resistant for both land and sea applications. The entire system operates on 12VDC that is suited for vehicles and watercraft. Whether use is land based Law Enforcement, First Responder, Surveillance or Security applications, or marine based navigation applications, the ATE PANTHERA IR is the product of choice based on price and performance.

• Detects human activity at up to 450 meters (1500 feet)
• Joystick and monitor easily configure into any vehicle/marine interior system
• NTSC/PAL compatible video output
• Permanent or Magnetic Roof mounting options
• Wired and Wireless Pan-Tilt remote control options
• Fast and Slow Pan-Tilt speed control
• 320 X 240 uncooled detector resolution
• 8 to 14 micron wave length spectral sensitivity
• 35 deg H X 27 deg V field of view

• Continuous 360° pan and tilt vehicle-mounted camera for long-range detection
• Best value in the market for pan and tilt imaging
• Detects long range and without the blooming effect often seen with other night vision technologies
• Unaffected by light rain, smoke and dust, and without the use of obtrusive lighting
• Observe suspicious activity while remaining covert from the safety of a vehicle or boat

• Law Enforcement
• Border and Perimeter Surveillance
• First Responders
• Search and rescue
• Area sweeps
• Fugitive searches
• Marine Nighttime navigation

• Pollutant detection on the water

Manual (not available)


ATE/Thermal Sentinel

See the unseen! Aspect Technology’s Thermal Imaging cameras make use of proven Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detectors with state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and dynamic range imaging technology. Rated as the Best-In-Class Image Quality due to Advanced Histogram-Based Image Processing producing 640 x 480 quality thermal imaging video output. The Thermal Sentinel System is designed for rough and demanding operation. It delivers high performance digitally processed imagery in a lightweight rugged weather and corrosion protective enclosure, guaranteeing the best target detection and clearest image of objects in total darkness and in all types of weather conditions. Lens options include 12 degree, 25 degree, and 50 degree horizontal field of view. Whether the application is military, security, surveillance, oil spill detection, mining or search and rescue, Thermal Sentinel offers a distinct advantage that no other type camera can provide. Its metal housing offers reliable weather protection and corrosion resistance and its bright LCD display offers 307,200 pixel resolution. 

Nitrogen Pressurized Model
12, 25, 50 degree Field of View Models
Power/Video Cable
Pan/Tilt Controller With Remote Joystick
Pan/Tilt Unit
Camera Control Box
Camera Cable Pan/Tilt Cable
TFT Display

• Weatherproof Thermal Sentinel camera with choice of field-of-views (12 degrees, 25 degrees, 50 degrees)
• Weatherproof pan/tilt
• Pan/tilt control box
• Camera control box
• 8.0” diagonal flat panel TFT LCD monitor
• 18 foot weather sealed camera and pan/tilt cables (longer lengths available)
• Instruction Manual

• Additional 8.0” diagonal flat panel TFT LCD monitor (for second occupant in vehicle)
• Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount
Magnetic Mount
Provides portable installation for NightSight 200, 4000B, 4000M, 5000xp, Thermal Sentinel, Thermal Viper, ATE/GeminEye, Panthera IR

Military - Long range target detection through obscurants
Protecting Critical Infrastructure Sites - Nuclear power plants, petrochemical facilities, ports and waterways, bridges, railway and airport facilities, important national sites
Mining and Milling Operations - Enhanced driver vision through dust, fog and steam to help prevent fatal accidents
Marine - Enhanced operator vision in inclement weather
Petrochemical - Security for land and off shore oil production facilities, monitor burn off stacks, monitor oil loading operations for oil leaks in total darkness
Airport Surveillance - Monitor perimeter and restricted areas such as runways, enhance the detection of wildlife to prevent runway accidents


ATE/Thermal Viper

Thermal Viper SystemTransformers-Power Station
Thermal Viper System
Detailed High Definition Thermal Imaging
The Thermal Viper thermal imaging system is designed for rough and demanding operation.  It delivers high performance Digital Signal Processing imagery in a lightweight rugged weather and corrosion protective enclosure.  The Thermal Viper features completely quiet point-and-view operation.  The Thermal Viper is available in 160 x 120 resolution (3600 Series Models) and in 320 x 240 high resolution (4500 Series Models). Lens options include 12 deg, 25 deg, and 50 deg horizontal field of view. Its specially coated enclosure offers maximum protection against weather and corrosive environments such as marine and corrosive gasses associated with petrochemical facilities.Basic model is supplied with standard monochrome (gray scale) display in white hot mode where higher temperature objects appear whiter on the display.  Contrast and brightness is automatic with advanced image processing.  The Thermal Viper can also be factory set to display the following:
  • Temperature Bar Temperature Measurement Display (with saturation temperature of 1100°F (600°C) +/-10% w/ automatic electronic iris) Crosshair Display (center point for temperature display) Scene Colorization (3 factory set color points can be mapped to absolute temperatures; temperatures below the first absolute temperature threshold and above the saturation point are shown as shades of gray)
  • Digital Zoom (11x)

External user control can be provided with an optional Camera Control Box.  External controls include Polarity (white/black hot modes) and Digital Zoom (1X to 11X)
• Thermal Camera with Enhanced Digital Video Processing
• Weather Sealed and Camera Enclosure with Corrosion Protective Coating
• EMI Shielded Video/Power Cable (coiled cable; extends to 6’)
• Operator Manual

• High Definition TFT 6.4, 8.0 or 10 inch Flat Panel Display
• Stainless Steel Mesh for Window Protection Against Rocks and Other Debris
• Weatherproof Variable Speed Pan/Tilt Unit and P/T Controller
• Camera Control Box
• Roof Bar Mount Kit
• Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount
Magnetic Mount
Provides portable installation for NightSight 200, 4000B, 4000M, 5000xp, Thermal Sentinel, Thermal Viper, ATE/GeminEye, Panthera IR

Thermal Viper Brochure



• 530 TVL High Resolution Low Light Color Camera
• 320 x 240 Array Thermal Imaging Camera
• Continuous 360 Degree Pan/180 Degree Tilt Unit
• Weatherproof IP66 Rated
• Shockproof, Suitable for Vehicle Surveillance
• 218 Preset Positions 6 Tour Groups
• Multiprotocol RS485 Communication

Optional Camera Controller With LCD Display
•  3 Axis Joystick Keyboard Control
• 5" Color LCD Screen
• 4 Channel Processor
• OSD Menu
• 4CH Looping Camera Video Output
• Multiprotocol Compatible (Pelco D-P, Vicon, etc.)
• Baud Rate Range: 1200~19200 Bps
• RS-485 RS-232 Output
• 12VDC

Color Camera

• Optical Technology Base: High Resolution Color Image Sensor
• Picture Elements (H x V in mm): EIA/NTSC: 795H x 596V
• Resolution: 530 Lines
• Min. Illumination: 0.01 Lux
• S/N Ratio: >50dB
• Shutter Speed: 1/1~1/10000s
• Zoom: 36X Optical 12X Digital
• Focus: Auto / Manual
• Focal Length: f=3.4~124.0 mm (Wide) F1.6~4.5(Tele)
• Iris: Auto / Manual
• White Balance: Auto / Manual
• Video Output: 1Vp-p , 75 Ω
• Wide Dynamic: ON/OFF
• Wiper Function
Thermal Imaging Camera
• Uncooled LWIR VOx Microbolometer Detector Technology
• Spectral Response: 7.5 to 13.5 Microns
• Resolution: 30µm 320 x 240 pixel array
• Thermal Sensitivity: <85mK @F/1.6
• Contrast/Brightness: Automatic
• Focus factory preset @ infinity; allows for manual focus
• Field of View Options: 14, 20, 27.8, 36 Degree Horizontal
• Zoom: 2X Digital
• Video Output: 1Vp-p, 75 Ω
• Operation Modes: White Hot
• Outdoor PTZ
• Weatherproof Design, High Die Cast Aluminum, IP66
• Pan Range: 360° continuous
• Pan Speed: 0~80°/sec
• Tilt Range: 180°
• Tilt Speed: 0~40°/sec
• Presets: 128 presets (Total) 6 tour groups
• Communication: Multiprotocol, RS485
• Weight: 22Lbs / 10Kg
• Operating Temperature: -32°C to +55°C (w/ Housing)
• Shockproof, Suitable for Car Surveillance
• Shock: ≥ 4G
• Power Supply: 24 AC +/- 10%
• Power Consumption: 2.5A

Manual (not available)


Thermal Eye NightSight 200 (Refurbished)

Thermal Eye NightSight 200's were designed for law enforcement applications. Thousands were sold to Police departments and government agencies world wide. Refurbished models are now available for commercial applications such as hunting feral hogs and other destructive wild game. These thermal imaging cameras have been refurbished and provide excellent thermal imaging capabability at a fraction of the original cost. A limited number are available so please call for pricing and availability.

• Detects activity up to 450 meters (1500 feet) distance
• Thermal camera provides a 12 x 9 degree Field of View
• Variable speed Joystick provides 360 degree continuos panning capability
• Joystick also provides tilt control -16 degress to +40 degrees from horizontal
• Video output is NTSC/PAL compatible

• Continuous 360° pan and tilt for accurate long-range detection
• Best value in the market for pan and tilt imaging
• Can see in total darkness
• Can see through light rain, smoke and dust
• Observe activity while remaining undetected inside a vehicle


Thermal Imaging Cores

NanoCore 320
NanoCore 640
NanoCore 1024
NanoCore 1024 With 25-150mm Continuous Zoom Lens
30 Micron Pitch
160 x 120 Array
30 Micron Pitch
160 x 120 Array
30 Micron Pitch
320 x 240 Array
17 Micron Pitch
320 x 240 Array
17 Micron Pitch
640 x 480 Array
17 Micron Pitch
1024 x 768 Array
17 Micron Pitch
1024 x 768 Array

3500AS Brochure
3600AS Brochure
4500AS Brochure
NanoCore 320 Brochure
NanoCore 640 Brochure
NanoCore 1024 Brochure

Thermal Imaging Lenses

25mm F2.3 3-5u
Focusable Bayonet Lens
25mm F1.8 7-14u
Focusable Bayonet Lens
50mm F2.3 3-5u
Focusable Bayonet Lens
50mm F1.8 7-14u
Focusable Bayonet Lens
50mm F0.7 8-12u
Focusable NB Lens
100mm F2.3 3-5u
Focusable Bayonet Lens
Trifocal Lens
Bayonet Lens Flange

Thermal Imaging Repairs

We repair Cooled and Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras
NightSight 200, Thermal Eye 300D, 2000B, Radiance HS, FLIR Ball, , others



Thermal Imaging Applications:

Provides reliable long range target detections through smoke, dust, fog, rain, snow and other obscurants in total darkness.

Airport Surveillance
Monitor perimeter and restricted areas such as runways, enhance the detection of wildlife to prevent runway accidents

Public Safety

Helps protect officers while searching and pursuing suspects.  Detect potential danger in total darkness.

Search and Rescue
Aids in spotting lost and stranded people and accident victims in total darkness.  Respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Aid in search & rescue in weather obscured conditions. Aids in navigating dangerous waterways in darkness and inclement weather.
Boat in water


Provides day/night visual perimeter surveillance.  Protect critical infrastructure such as ports and waterways, nuclear power sites, plants, petrochemical facilities and airports.

Fire Fighting

Provides the most efficient firefighting method to detect hot spots, see people hidden by smoke, scan large areas for heat sources and flare-ups

Perform inspection of power lines and electrical equipment to identify possible component failure.

Manufacturing (Machine Vision )
Provide more detailed contrast vision of critical operations (such as livestock size analysis)


Helps prevent accidents by providing enhanced driver vision in dusty and foggy conditions. Increase productivity.

Steel and Lumber Mills
Provide vision through steam, fog and dust to help prevent accidents

Provides the capability to see oil leaks on sea water in total darkness. Monitor smoke stacks and burn-off stacks 24/7 in all weather conditions.

Polar Region
Detects snow bridged crevasses and provides vision through blowing snow to help prevent accidents and save lives.

Feral Hog Hunting
Provides the capability to see wild game (such as feral hogs) in total darkness.


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